my struggle…

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my struggle…

may i surrender to you tonight?
may i give you my everything from deep within?
may i walk the tempted darkened edge with you?
will you grab me by my wrists.. and dangle me over the edge..
slowly.. awakening my soul from deep inside?

sensual struggle..
fight to stay arise..
scream baffled by your inner beauty..
touch forever lost within you..

for one quick moment, take me by my wrists and pull me into you..
take me and make me surrender and give up the fight..
caress my mind and soul… with the slightest touch of your words..
speak and whisper softly into my ear… break me… from the chains..
of my forbidden struggles..

let me speak and communicate my needs and desires to you..
allow me to express my selfishness..
look deep inside my soul and listen to my cries and surrender to you..
free me.. and allow me to cry.. before you..

and when i struggle again… when i struggle to submit…
and turn my head away from you to hide my tears..
gently guide me to look back into your eyes…
and whisper ever so softly..
whisper the words i need to hear..
whisper the words i ache to hear..
speak softly… and let me listen..

reach for me and grasp my wrists tightly…
and pull me towards you..
bring me down to my knees before you..
and softly.. yet harshly… take me over the edge..
forbid the sensual struggle… and tell me to give in..
give in to you and your control..
give in to the owner of my heart and soul..
struggle… it is no more… sensual.. it is always..
the control is yours..
the sensual surrender is mine…



demon within…

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demon within…

feel the warmth of my skin,
from the fire burning inside.
caress of my fingertips,
longing to dig nails in.
a gentle, lingering kiss,
before i bite your lip.
my promises of love,
spoken with a serpent tongue.
a gaze of innocence,
from tear less, lying eyes.
you think that i am an angel,
while within a demon resides…


bad little girl . . .

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Bad Little Girl



i just have to tell you how you make me feel.. i’m so good but you make me so very bad.. wet and ready, waiting for you, to take me.. your bad little girl, who loves to worship you.. i love you so much, you make me so hungry, for the love you give.. i would die without it, insane without the feel of your hands, sliding all over my skin.. gliding into the places, you love so much.. make me quiver.. make me moan.. i love when you make my head swirl.. i love when your in my mouth, i feel you throb.. groan above me, while you grind against my body.. make me scream.. make me cum.. make me your
little slut, make me your bad…

bad little girl


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i want to remember every touch, every taste, every look. i want the sight of
you hovering over me burned in my head. i want to never forget the feeling
of you buried deep inside of me, never forget the feel of your hand on the
small of my back, never forget the sound of you breathing deeply in my ear
as i come over and over and never forget the perfection of it all.

We were made for each other. i will never doubt fate again. i believe that i
found you for a reason. actually, i believe we found each other for several
reasons. No one has ever made love to me like you. No one will ever make love to me like you. the intensity, the passion, the raw emotion of it all surprises me,
satisfies me and still leaves me eager for more.

i’m ruined now in that i will surely never find anyone that can satisfy me
as you do. you do own me and i can’t think of any place i’d rather be. if
i’m dreaming, i hope i never wake up…


words for thought . . .

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falling n luv


words for thought . . .

it is obvious what kind of life develops out of trying to get your own way all the time: repetitive, loveless, cheap sex . . a stinking accumulation of mental and emotional garbage . . frenzied and joyless grabs for happiness . . trinket gods . . magic-show religion . . paranoid loneliness . . cutthroat competition . . all-consuming-yet-never-satisfied wants . . a brutal temper . . an impotence to love or be loved . . divided homes and divided lives . . small-minded and lopsided pursuits . . the vicious habit of depersonalizing everyone into a rival . . uncontrolled and uncontrollable addictions . . ugly parodies of community . .

i choose love

to my body, with love…

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dont forget

to my body, with love…

oh.. my body,
my temple..
i thank you for all you have done.
we have done it together.
you and i.
no more will our sons and daughters feel
i promise you this..

sweet baby blue eyes..
have seen horrors no eyes should see.
now you will see only beauty.

soft lips..
have been used by lips that lie and bruise.
now you feel only tenderness
and lips that whisper words of love.

have heard the language of hate and fear
now you will hear only words of love and acceptance.

proud shoulders..
have carried burdens not yours
and long been aching with strain
now you will feel only the lightness
of your invisible angel wings.

exquisite breasts..
have been mangled, torn, bitten, crushed
now you will feel only the pleasure of the softest caress
of fingertips, mouth and tongue.

tender thighs..
have been parted in force to give
what should only be given in love.
now you will know only soft strokes
and gentle kisses and you will part in joy.

fine round ass..
has been disrespected and beaten
now you will know only homage and praise.

strong heart..
has been broken
yet continues to beat, and to give love
now you will open to receive love that is true and good.

lovely body..
never again will you be used for pain
i will protect and reward you with pleasure beyond measure
this i promise you .. with love…


one wish . . .

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behind pic


one wish . . .

if i could have just one wish,
i would wish to wake up everyday
to the sound of your breath on my neck,
the warmth of your lips on my cheek,
the touch of your fingers on my skin,
and the feel of your heart beating with mine..
knowing that i could never find that feeling
with anyone other than you . . .



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