thirst . . .

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colors drink

thirst . . .

caving in the thirst does win
my wanton need to drink you in
having all of you deep inside
no more will i have to hide
my longing for the taste of you

hot passions born from need
feeling that i have been freed
all the desires i have had so long
a burning fire inside me so strong
i know you are the only one
for you my thirst has just begun . . .


the sadness…

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the sadness…

he said he needed me
i thought that he meant love
i was wrong again
when all he did was come..

there were no loving kisses
no words of sweet romance
just timely thrusts of sexes
that was the so called dance..

a vessel for his needs
no desire does he give
as i slip away
no longer being his..

just two bodies joining
the love no longer shows
though inside my heart is bleeding
as he just lets it flow..

when the act is over
he tells me he is done
and i’m no longer needed
so i turn and run..

i move away and leave him
my heart broken deep inside
my body it is empty
my eyes they start to cry..

i tried to not be hurt
i tried to just ignore
the pain that i am feeling
as i close that bedroom door..

so i came to write
words that he won’t read
where i pour out the pain
and hope it helps me bleed..

my body shakes in sorrow
as my breath locks in my chest
and soon i’ll face tomorrow
with a face that shows it’s best..

no one will see the sadness
or witness it this night
for like the times before
i’ll hide it..cover it real tight..

i just need these words
to cleanse my very soul
and once again i’ll feel complete
my words will make me whole…


his words…

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his words…

his words caress my face in passing..
lingering near my lips..
pausing only to feel the gasp that is released..
more words trace a path down my neck to feel my pulse quicken..
they are mere words but they set me aflame..
letters on a page to cause a stir within..
breathing faster..
the words keep coming . . an eruption of shivers through my body…
were they his hands or his mouth..
but they are only words they cannot touch me..
..yet they do.. and they go deep..
they fondle my core and tease my soul..
leaving me only wanting more and more…


cyberdust . . .

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cyberdust . . .

she feels the sizzle coming through the wires,
she strokes the keys with tingling fingertips,
vibrating with the throb of microchips,
her face aglow with light from cathode fires . .

she has the turning world beneath her hand,
she hears the piercing whine as rotors turn
and smells the ozone stink as motors burn
and rides a coursing current made of sand . .

a world of knowledge there at her command,
a web of information there to learn,
but drawn by want, surrendering her trust,
she searches for the banished and the banned,
and enters in and lets her passions churn
and gives herself completely to her lust . .

her tongue is stung by copper tinged desires,
she bytes into the core and chews her lips,
past sense into the sensual she slips
and types and types and types until she expires . .

and then the morning comes, as morning must,
and turns electric dreams into cyberdust  . . .
…electric dreams . . byte you soon . . .

found? …

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found? …

in search of…

a smile that lights up my day
a touch that makes me melt
a kiss that makes me weak
one that i’ve never felt.

in longing of…

the warmth of a soul
that will send a quiver down my spine
the touch of a hand
that disperses my control
with a caresses so divine.

in desire for…

words that will touch me inside
with love’s fiery devotion
as they rekindle a song of passion
that will set my spirit in motion.

in need for…

completeness for this lonely heart
a real partner for life
to make a brand new start
ending all this heartache and strife…


demon in my head . . .

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demon in my head . . .

there’s a demon living in my head
but she answers to my name
she tells me stories late at night
that are messing with my brain
when i stand before a mirror
she laughs at hat i wear
the wrinkles on my face
and the way wear my hair
do the people sitting on the train
fight these demons too?
the kind that make you doubt yourself
and tell you what to do
maybe that’s why they never talk
because they’re screaming in their head
why would you hate someone else
when you can hate yourself instead?


Trapped . . .

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Trapped . . .

I’m in a prison I can’t escape,
Battling my own nightmares,
And it’s pretty clear to me,

I sit in the darkness,
In the corner of my mind,
And all I can think of is,
There is no reality to find,

I’ve reached my breaking point,
And my head is in my hands,
No life in the golden strands,

All I hear are my own words,
My own visions of hell,
Feeling like my soul is leaving my body,
Leaving this empty shell,

But through the years,
I am still trapped,
Trapped behind my smile . . .

Ricardo Sexton

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