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not afraid



bewitched . .
as you twitch with adrenaline . .
the hair on your arms stand on end.

the rushing of blood
overtaking . .

minds lost…no need to pretend.

the slickness and softness,
and hardness . .

skin glistening and hot from the heat..
tender and rough . .

and exciting . .
pure bodies straining to meet.

moaning, groaning,

muscles quivering . .
within the sweet pain..

a calm, a smile . .
and a wondering . .

when heaven on earth comes again?


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hell yeah

take me there…

power between your thighs.
i can tell myself lies.
but, all i desire is you pounding into me.

body all aquiver.
your touch makes me shiver.
but, make me wait. i’ve been such a bad girl.

i should make you go slow.
do i want you to? no.
without your ardent passion i would surely go mad.

i blush when i think of the frantic lovemaking we will share.
our bodies together are so sexually aware.
take me hard and fast, here and now.

slap my ass and pull my hair.
my senses become impaired.
an orgasmic ride to heaven every time you take me there…

…take me my love, take me away…

pussie notes…

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pussie notes…

the sound of rain beating on my window
wakes me from my peaceful slumber
tinkling…trickling…fast and then slow
a small silence…then boom…a clap of thunder..

i sit up and find you missing
just an indentation on the pillow is all that i see
except for a feeling . . . an itching
my pussie is twitching . . wondering what could it be?

reaching down i feel the st ill sticky wetness
from our love making session last night
still i feel something…it just must be wantonness
longing feelings it must be … so i reach for the light..
and i spread my thighs and to my surprise
i see something foreign to my eyes
a piece of paper … a little note … what could it be?
how it got there i will just have to see..

i spread my lips and pulled it out
i laughed out loud and began to shout
my lover left a love note for me to read
and all it said was ” i love you will you marry me?”….


to my body, with love…

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red roses
to my body, with love…

oh.. my body,
my temple..
i thank you for all you have done.
we have done it together.
you and i.
no more will our sons and daughters feel
i promise you this..

sweet baby blue eyes..
have seen horrors no eyes should see.
now you will see only beauty.

soft lips..
have been used by lips that lie and bruise.
now you feel only tenderness
and lips that whisper words of love.

have heard the language of hate and fear
now you will hear only words of love and acceptance.

proud shoulders..
have carried burdens not yours
and long been aching with strain
now you will feel only the lightness
of your invisible angel wings.

exquisite breasts..
have been mangled, torn, bitten, crushed
now you will feel only the pleasure of the softest caress
of fingertips, mouth and tongue.

tender thighs..
have been parted in force to give
what should only be given in love.
now you will know only soft strokes
and gentle kisses and you will part in joy.

fine round ass..
has been disrespected and beaten
now you will know only homage and praise.

strong heart..
has been broken
yet continues to beat, and to give love
now you will open to receive love that is true and good.

lovely body..
never again will you be used for pain
i will protect and reward you with pleasure beyond measure
this i promise you .. with love…


my story…

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coconut lime
my story…

i see with eyes unclouded
i listen with an ear forged out of adversity
i love with a heart made new
my story is a complicated one
as i am a complicated woman but a woman
who’s plight in life has brought her full circle
to what the creator has designed from the dawn of time
i am she who knows not her full potential yet
still i searched for he who would stimulate me
feed my mental and physical being
my story is a complicated one
as i am a complicated woman
a woman who finds serenity in the embrace of
he she would call friend.
when such a day shall come i will be more
than he envisioned yet..
enough to touch the very essence of his soul…


Trapped ~

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beautiful cage


Trapped ~

I’m in a prison I can’t escape,
Battling my own nightmares,
And it’s pretty clear to me,

I sit in the darkness,
In the corner of my mind,
And all I can think of is,
There is no reality to find,

I’ve reached my breaking point,
And my head is in my hands,
No life in the golden strands,

All I hear are my own words,
My own visions of hell,
Feeling like my soul is leaving my body,
Leaving this empty shell,

But through the years,
I am still trapped,
Trapped behind my smile ~


souls with holes..

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souls with holes..

what happens to the unwanted souls?
do they wander looking and lost?
do they remain staid?
do they follow masters with hope?

and what happens to the holes in those souls?

are they filled with air from the passing breeze?
are they enveloped again into the mist?
are they encompassed into the universe?

but what happens to the souls with holes?

what of them?
where do they reside?
how do they survive?
who do they inhabit?
mostly writers i would think…



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