not perfect …

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not perfect
not perfect …

don’t hand to me that halo
it’s sure to slip down,
and when it does i’ll choke
on perfection as i drown..

don’t set me on that pedestal
it’s really much too high,
eventually i’ll slip off
on tears i’ve made you cry..

don’t see me as perfect
for it’s real blood that i bleed,
i’m not this perfect angel
i’m born of satan’s seed..

i lash out when i’m mad
and when i hurt i cry,
i was born just like you
and like you i will die..

the beauty you think i am
is not who you perceive,
please see me as i am
don’t let your joy deceive..

you simply cannot mold me
into what you dream,
this is my reality
i am just what i seem..

i carry my past with me
these scars of life are mine,
like anyone of our age
hope runs out of time..

i make my own mistakes
i stumble and i fall,
please see me as i am
for i am not perfect at all …



climb inside you . . .

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climb inside you . . .

i wish i could unzip you..
unbutton you..
unsnap you..
open you up and
climb inside you..
hide under the moss and twigs
and fallen leaves
of the forest floor of you..
not because i am protected but
because i am only whole
inside you…


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state of reverie



your face is so unreal
when i see you
i have trouble believing
you exist anywhere else
except my mind
and you
you drive me insane
believing that i’m worth
and i think
i think i love you for it
yet i cannot fathom
dealing with this intensity
of thought and emotion
. . but . .
embracing your standards
of paradox and irrationality
i realize
i cannot live without
the very intensity
you deliver
so faithfully…


feel my pain…

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kneel b4



feel my pain…

force me
take from me
allow me
to feel my pain
deep inside
eating at me
screaming to be released
i need this from you
i need your pain
to take away
my pain
inflict your gift
bestow your strength
make me beg
make me cower in your height
as i’m kneeling before you
stripped of thoughts
except of my
impending release
take me
to the dark corners
of my mind
of your mind
my fearsome cravings
take this from me
break this from me
leave me
without my fears
make me
not a victim

take me…

i need you so desperately…

i need to feel your love deep inside of me…
deep in all parts of me…

take me my love…


my struggle…

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my struggle…

may i surrender to you tonight?
may i give you my everything from deep within?
may i walk the tempted darkened edge with you?
will you grab me by my wrists.. and dangle me over the edge..
slowly.. awakening my soul from deep inside?

sensual struggle..
fight to stay arise..
scream baffled by your inner beauty..
touch forever lost within you..

for one quick moment, take me by my wrists and pull me into you..
take me and make me surrender and give up the fight..
caress my mind and soul… with the slightest touch of your words..
speak and whisper softly into my ear… break me… from the chains..
of my forbidden struggles..

let me speak and communicate my needs and desires to you..
allow me to express my selfishness..
look deep inside my soul and listen to my cries and surrender to you..
free me.. and allow me to cry.. before you..

and when i struggle again… when i struggle to submit…
and turn my head away from you to hide my tears..
gently guide me to look back into your eyes…
and whisper ever so softly..
whisper the words i need to hear..
whisper the words i ache to hear..
speak softly… and let me listen..

reach for me and grasp my wrists tightly…
and pull me towards you..
bring me down to my knees before you..
and softly.. yet harshly… take me over the edge..
forbid the sensual struggle… and tell me to give in..
give in to you and your control..
give in to the owner of my heart and soul..
struggle… it is no more… sensual.. it is always..
the control is yours..
the sensual surrender is mine…


demon within…

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demon within…

feel the warmth of my skin,
from the fire burning inside.
caress of my fingertips,
longing to dig nails in.
a gentle, lingering kiss,
before i bite your lip.
my promises of love,
spoken with a serpent tongue.
a gaze of innocence,
from tear less, lying eyes.
you think that i am an angel,
while within a demon resides…


bad little girl . . .

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Bad Little Girl



i just have to tell you how you make me feel.. i’m so good but you make me so very bad.. wet and ready, waiting for you, to take me.. your bad little girl, who loves to worship you.. i love you so much, you make me so hungry, for the love you give.. i would die without it, insane without the feel of your hands, sliding all over my skin.. gliding into the places, you love so much.. make me quiver.. make me moan.. i love when you make my head swirl.. i love when your in my mouth, i feel you throb.. groan above me, while you grind against my body.. make me scream.. make me cum.. make me your
little slut, make me your bad…

bad little girl


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